Ankah (ankah) wrote,

I think I had an Existential Crisis when I took Philosophy at city college when I was 16. Class in the morning and I spent the afternoon working mindlessly in a Record store, thinking. It was deep. Certainly my own mortality was contemplated to the point of depression (I gained quite a bit of weight that summer) but the CRISIS I feel like I've been living for almost 2 years now is verging on the edge of comically dumb.

Wikipedia suggests:

"There are more ways and variations on how to handle an existential crisis, however. One may decide, for instance, that thought is pointless and existential truth or security cannot be obtained through it. Others may decide that it is not important to know what happens or how things work, all that is important is the present. Others may decide that being happy is the pursuit of life and strive to increase their knowledge base to accomplish this."

I spend too much time thinking about "greater truths" (or for the most part psychological motivations for my and other people's actions). I cannot bring myself to even think about buying any clothing in anything but black, which probably means I'm very close to taking up smoking. I used to relish the idea that I was and had nothing, therefore eveything in my life was a positive. But now I just don't want to do anything. I think America is too much hard work.

Also, the cat got stressed out and licked a bunch of hair off her butt over Thanksgiving. I should post a picture, but would you want your naked ass on the internet? Is your naked ass on the internet?
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