Ankah (ankah) wrote,

ACK! fire in Santa Barbara

So my parents are in Costa Rica (screw them) and there is a fire just above their house. Fortunately the people house sitting are very competent and surprisingly unexcitable English friends who rounded up the cats into boxes, and the few drawers I told them to grab. The area where my house is hasn't officially been evacuated yet, but its still kind of scary. I'm not hitting the refresh button for this news story quite as much as I did last week, but well, you know. Its the house I grew up in and still has more of my crap in it than I'm comfortable admitting here, not to mention memories and plants.

So here's hoping I'm still going to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving.

*UPDATE So the area was evacuated, and according to a few witness reports a house or two on the block burned down. No word yet on my parents house.*

UPDATE - parents are back from Central America, are at home which didn't burn. w00t.
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