Ankah (ankah) wrote,

This is the third night in a week I've had an undergraduate thesis nightmare. I used to have high school nightmares in college (like I have to go back even though I graduated and just do another year). This time I'm in grad school having college nightmares about having to go back, and write a Bio thesis in one semester although no one wants to be my advisor and I live in an orange tent in Schultz which disappears so all my stuff is left on the floor. Also its March and I haven't actually started doing any of it yet, but I have to complete it this semester because I don't have enough money for another year. PANIC.

If someone handed me 5k right now I would say "screw you guys" and spend the summer on a Vietnamese beach reading trashy romance novels and burning my white ass. I even know EXACTLY which beach I'd be on, I'm just not sure who is sending me a 5k check yet.
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